BAFF (B cell activating factor), a soluble cytokine expressed by B cells is known for its proliferation and differentiation. In particular, BAFF-R (B cell activating factor receptor) is an excellent potential target for B-cell cancers not only because of its specificity on the BAFF, but also for its expression level by lymphoproliferative as well as leukemia-proliferative disorders. Successful discovery of anti-BAFF-R mAbs humanized C55 and C90 mAbs demonstrate high binding affinity to various NHLs. The BAFF-R CAR-T was constructed based on scFv antibodies using 2nd generation signaling domains. We have found that BAFF-R CAR-T cells kill lymphomas and leukemia’s in vitro as well as established lymphoma in vivo. The program is now under IND enabling study schedule for its further development.

CAR T cells: Mechanism of action